As a child, learning was something special.

It opened a new world of wonder and discovery. Learning to ride a bicycle or playing the piano couldn’t be more exciting. Most of us will never forget those moments.

Time jump forward to our experience as adults. Discovery, wonder, excitement, unforgettable – how often do people use these words to describe learning in the workplace? Sadly, not nearly enough.

But learning is just as important for us today as it was back then; to continuously enhance our skills; to stay relevant as work changes; to meet new challenges. When we lose the wonder of learning, we lose our edge, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

So just like Josh in our story, we’re helping people reconnect with learning by using creativity and the latest technology to make it as exciting and transformative as it used to be when we were small.

When learning is like this people want to take part, they grow in confidence, they drive the success of your business.

Let’s recapture the wonder of learning, together.

"Sponge shines so brightly in a sea of learning providers. They create the most vibrant and creative learning. Nothing is impossible for Sponge and that’s exactly what we wanted."
Louise Vamvoukaki
Louise Vamvoukaki
Associate Director, Sustainability Education and Engagement AstraZeneca
“Sponge has cultivated a fantastic long-term relationship with Royal Mail, developing a deep understanding of how our business and our people work, as well as our future aspirations."
Louise Vamvoukaki
James Barton
Online Learning Manager Royal Mail

Our starting point will always be your people. By listening first and understanding things from their point of view, we find the best way to meet their needs and achieve results for your business.


Using games and interactive video to help people learn by doing, allowing them to make decision and practice real world skills.


Putting people in the heart of the action with emerging technologies like virtual reality and 360-degree video.


Connecting with people through powerful narratives brought to life with compelling video and animation.


Embedding learning with daily bite-size learning moments to build knowledge and confidence over time.

Download: 6 ways L&D can recapture the wonder of learning

Follow Chloe’s lead and recapture the wonder of learning for yourself, your people and your business.