Seriously creative elearning

Inspires people, delivers results

Elearning is the perfect response to the fast-changing needs of today’s businesses – it’s cost-effective, far reaching and easy to rollout quickly and efficiently.

Sponge creates custom elearning for global businesses that puts your people at the heart of the solution. By focusing on what your people need to solve your business challenges we create seriously creative digital learning that keeps everyone engaged, motivated and performing at their best every day.


Deeply aligned to your specific business needs

Elearning can be a valuable tool to support your journey. We can help you deliver learning that will win hearts and minds, whatever your business challenges. We help clients with:


Versatile, engaging and active learning

Our learning designers have the creativity and expertise to turn your content into engaging learning; breathing life into topics, making them easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. And with tech-savvy millennials and gen Z-ers craving the tools for career progression, you need digital learning that delivers, we use:


Available on all devices and in the workflow

With modules that work across platforms and devices, there are no barriers to learning. We can work with you to ensure engagement over time and design learning that deeply resonates and can be done alongside the day job. This can help your people with:


Meaningful and measurable

We will help you measure the impact of your learning programmes, giving you confidence that they are meeting learners’ needs and delivering strong ROI, so you can:

  • See data beyond completion rates
  • Track learners progress
  • Identify skill gaps and reshape your future learning strategy 

Why Sponge?

We invest deeply in understanding our clients, their people and their needs. We then work together to create the right blend of digital solutions that unleash people’s potential and drive higher performance.  We’ll make it easy for you to achieve what you need with a custom elearning solution delivered to your timescales and designed specifically for your users.

Creative design

From graphic design, illustration, user interface design, motion design and more, we have your visual design covered and never forget the importance of your brand

Industry leading development

We’re fluent in all the favourites: Storyline, Adapt, HTML5, Lectora, Captivate, Rise and many more

Technical deployment expertise

From enterprise to open source we can manage any implementation strategy. We have a range of platform options as well as key partnerships with leading LMS providers; whatever your needs, we can meet them.

Robust translation process

We’re accurate and efficient. With language conversion and implementation in over 200 languages, we’re never lost for words.

Trusted to deliver

We’re well versed in stakeholder management and always in the detail, making sure all aspects of delivery run smoothly, and your project is delivered on time, to deadline and budget.

Collaborative approach

Sponge’s people will become a true extension of your team. Over the course of the project we aim to get to really know you and your ways of working, so we can deliver beyond your expectations. 

Download: 4 ways to be courageously creative in learning

Generate new ideas and innovative solutions to engage learners and deliver extraordinary results for your business.

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