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November 20th 2015

Don’t take the stabilisers off too soon! Extend your induction

It can take time for new employees to learn the job, gain confidence and become productive, but only 37% of businesses extend their onboarding beyond a month.As a follow up to our webinar on...

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July 28th 2017

6 benefits of digital onboarding

Recruiting, retaining and developing top talent all starts with onboarding. We look at the key benefits of digital induction.

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March 8th 2019

Top 6 Digital Onboarding Trends

Fresh ideas for setting new employees up for long-term success.

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April 7th 2016

When to offer your employees an elearning course

Your employees will benefit most from an elearning course if they can access it at the best possible moment.Sometimes, it’s the right course but it’s deployed at the wrong time, or in the...

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November 6th 2019

Pharmaceutical eLearning

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October 2nd 2017

Sponge Video: Retail Rework - Onboarding and talent

Sponge’s Liam O’Meara looks at how to get retail associates up to speed quickly and keep talent in the business

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March 15th 2019

People development: growing talent for business success

A global skills shortage, rapid workplace change, the need for agile employees, and digital transformation have created a perfect storm for people development.

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September 13th 2018


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March 8th 2019

5 onboarding challenges that didn’t exist 10 years ago

The changing face of the modern workplace has introduced a whole new set of challenges for L&D, not least in the area of onboarding.

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July 13th 2017

Learning reinforcement & onboarding – a perfect match

Onboarding shouldn't be a one off event. Learn how onboarding can help your employees grow and keep improving their performance.

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