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Sponge and Bolt roll-out learning modules and bundles to support remote working for business continuity

To support business continuity in uncertain times, custom digital learning provider Sponge has teamed up with sister company Bolt Learning to make off-the-shelf elearning modules and themed content bundles available to support businesses as they migrate employees to remote working.  

While many global businesses mandated home working policies as early as February 2019, for other companies and their people, remote working is unfamiliar territory and the necessary move is proving more challenging. 

To support new ways of working, Sponge and Bolt are making available new tools, resources and content to provide employees with the necessary skills and coping strategies, from the practical - such as compliance with display screen equipment to meet health and safety regulations - to training to help manage stress and fatigue.

The off-the-shelf content is available to purchase as individual modules or via the following themed content bundles with preferential pricing: 

Remote Working Bundle, priced at £90+VAT, including the following content:

  • Remote working
  • Cyber security
  • Display screen equipment
  • Productivity

First Time Manager Skills Bundle, priced at £200+VAT, including the following content:

  • Absence management (LAW accredited)
  • First line management skills
  • Motivating a team
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Performance management
  • Difficult conversations
  • Decision making
  • Managing conflict
  • Communication skills
  • Delegation

Personal Development Bundle, priced at £70+VAT, including the following content:

  • Motivating a team
  • Absence management
  • First line management skills (LAW accredited)

Wellbeing & Personal Effectiveness Bundle, priced at £70+VAT, including the following content:

  • Fatigue management
  • Stress management (LAW accredited)
  • Communication skills

For up to 50 users, learners and L&D professionals can purchase individual and bundled elearning content online. For businesses with over 50 learners, please talk to our learning support experts.  

With expertise in digital learning, supporting business continuity is our priority in these uncertain times.
Quote Louise Pasterfield
Louise Pasterfield Managing Director Sponge

Sponge’s Managing Director, Louise Pasterfield, said, “With expertise in digital learning, supporting business continuity is our priority in these uncertain times. We’re pleased to work with our sister company, Bolt, to offer off-the-shelf content as individual elearning modules, as well as bundled offerings, to help businesses and employees prepare for home working and continue learning remotely. 

Beyond getting up and running, we know that learning plays a critical role in business continuity in the longer-term. For example, maintaining company priorities, culture and values, from sustainability and ethics through to inclusivity and diversity is key to future proofing. We continue to work with our clients to develop custom solutions. Our off-the-shelf content is fully customisable and, as part of our newly launched rapid response service, we are able to create a 20 minute bespoke elearning module in a two week time frame.” 

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