Front End Developer (Intermediate)

Plymouth, Bristol, Sheffield, London or remote

It takes a huge amount of technical talent to create elearning solutions for our clients, and that’s where we need you...

Planning, writing and collaborating you will work as a team to delight our clients and produce solutions which answer complex and technically challenging problems. Our clients trust us to help them, and we are proud to offer solutions that are not just effective but also innovative and often award winning.

Where you will create impact:

We have achieved success by taking a partnership approach with our clients, working together to achieve the best possible outcome. Becoming one of our developers is not just about great technical ability; it’s also about you as a person. Do you enjoy working as a part of a wider team? How do you talk to people who aren’t that technical? What unique angles and solutions can you bring to the project? Great communication is just as important to us as your ability to code.

So what can we offer you? A commitment to continually innovate and progress. An opportunity to work with modern front-end web technologies such as WebGL, ES6 and TypeScript. Exposure to gamification, VR and AR. Incredible collaboration that we are confident you won’t have experienced anywhere else – ever. And pride to work for a team that is not particularly big in size but huge in terms of its success, ambition and purpose.

Our close-knit team of developers invest a lot of time to knowledge sharing, evolving their skills and building talents that are driven not only by business needs but also by the individuals themselves. We always look to mix-and-match the best people for the projects in-hand to ensure the right skillset is always available at the right time, but whatever you work on with us there is always an opportunity to  learn and grow.

Desirable skills and experience:

If you are at an intermediate level in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript, have an understanding of technologies like React, Vue, Angular, Node, Webpack, Git, Phaser/Pixi, and you enjoy variety, pace and people, then we would love to hear from you.

Next step

Send us your CV along with a cover letter telling us about your most challenging project and how you worked as part of a team to deliver it.

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Job title: Front End Developer (Intermediate)

Location: Plymouth / Bristol / London / Sheffield / remote