Are you making the most of your people?

As the financial services industry evolves, we’re empowering people for change. Talk to us about turning your people into your greatest asset with creative learning.

In the rush to digital transformation, don’t forget people power!

It’s the humans not the robots who hold the key to addressing your business priorities now and in the future. 

Whether you’re a high street bank, insurance provider or investment bank, your employees play a crucial role in your success.

Their knowledge, skills, engagement, confidence and behaviour impact on how well your business can respond to the challenges ahead.

By designing digital learning from the bottom up, we meet the needs of your learners and achieve better results for your business.

* Results achieved by clients with Sponge learning solutions.

Our bespoke digital learning transforms overwhelmed, disengaged, unsupported colleagues into confident, motivated, engaged individuals:

“It’s down to the IT experts to protect the business, it’s not my job.”

“We’ve all got a part to play and I now know when something looks suspicious.”

“There’s far too much to remember and the boring details send me to sleep.”

“I can see the bigger picture and for the first-time compliance isn’t a chore!”

“I can’t keep up with all the changes in tech and worry I’ll be replaced by robots.”

“I’m excited about how technology can help me do my job better and more effectively.”

“I’m just a number here, there’s little opportunity to develop and advance.”

“I know I’m valued in this business; it’s a great place to work and build a career.”

“Our customers always want more, I don’t know how to make them happy.”

“I understand our customers better now and want to listen to understand how I can help.”

“Why can’t we just stop for a while, everyone’s always trying to change what we do.”

“Come on, let’s get with the programme, we want to lead the way, not follow.”

Find out how we helped AXA improve customer centricity in its business insurance division.

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