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Support your learning strategy with high quality ebooks

Providing the right resources to support your learning strategy helps you achieve your goals. Having a high quality, up to date library of ebooks available that offers short, expert content in your key areas makes it easy to offer a deeper learning experience.

Support your learning strategy with the world’s largest collection of ebooks for soft skills and professional development. In partnership with Bookboon we're offering a digital learning resource for enterprise-wide learning to support your learning strategy.

"It's the first ebook I've read cover to cover, it's the perfect length to finish on the train."
Circle Liam Omeara Sponge
Liam O'Meara Head of Sales and Marketing Sponge

Some of the books available through your elibrary

Working Abroad European Perspectives
Improve Your Writing Skills
Data Protection And Privacy Management System
Advanced Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills

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Books on a wide range of subjects

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Career management
  • Communication & Presentation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • IT Management
  • Job search & CV
  • Management & Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Office Programs & Software
  • Personal Development

The books are short and precise, giving your employees an engaging and simple way to develop their soft skills alongside your learning.

Your employees get access to a branded, tailored collection of resources which is accessible on any device and in 10 languages. As a manager, you can access the Metrics & Performance dashboard to monitor how the library is being used.