Interactive elearning

Elearning is a powerful tool that can increase employee knowledge and performance. Here are four ways it can have a big impact on organisations:

Elearning to support business changes

Today, change in business happens at a rapid pace, whether it's new and improved services, products, processes, systems or legal compliance regulations.

This creates challenges for employees who need to get up to speed quickly and understand the changes. Working closely with clients, Sponge support their people by creating custom elearning solutions, upskilling and equipping them with critical knowledge they need when and where they need it.

AXA used elearning as part of a blended approach to training for their call centre staff

Elearning to support onboarding

With globally based employees, remote workers or seasonal staff, making learning available and accessible to all new starters can be a challenge. With elearning, all new employees can access essential learning which gives them a great impression of the organisation and provides them with critical knowledge they need so they get up to speed quickly. Sponge has extensive experience designing custom digital learning solutions that dovetails with any face to face induction training.

Transitioning from classroom training to elearning

There may be times when classroom training may not be the best option. It could be too expensive or not convenient or available when and where people need it. This is where elearning is particularly effective. We specialise in transforming classroom training into engaging and interactive online experiences to meet the needs of their employees wherever they are. And we can translate and localise in any language around the world.

Modernising elearning for greater engagement

As the elearning market has matured, many clients have legacy courses lurking in their LMSs that are out of date or are using old technologies. Learners too have higher expectations and want more than just a ‘click next’ experience. Yet deciding how to move forward can be difficult as there are now many learning technologies and tools to choose from. Sponge provides advice on options and can help clients take their elearning to the next level. This includes:

  • Continuous reinforcement with microlearning
  • introducing more interactivity with games and gamification
  • using scenario based learning with interactive video
  • Exploiting new technologies with 360° video, VR and AR integrating measurement tools to assess learner engagement and confidence levels
  • Integrating measurement tools to assess learner engagement and confidence levels

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