Business Intelligence Analyst


Are you a numbers spymaster?

Are you a modern-day Pythagoras, Babbage or Turing? Or perhaps you’re the perfect blend of Watson and Sherlock? Do you thrive on detective work that leads to meaningful results? If so, this may be just the right role for you.

You are incredibly bright, of course. But you’re more than that: you don’t give up when it comes to finding the underlying issues that influence trends in the business. You are determined to dig deeper and deeper until you see the real picture… the one that most miss.

Here’s where you’ll come in

You’ll join our Operations team, where excellence is at the forefront of everything we do. You will interrogate our data and provide detailed analysis and insight that informs more powerful business decisions.

Your attention to detail is second to none and you know what’s relevant, and what’s just noise. In addition to strong research skills and fluidity with numbers and their patterns, you are excellent at working with others to get what you need and resolute in supporting our outstanding team in getting what they need too.

Sponge is a fast-growing digital learning company, delivering learning solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands. We want someone who is hungry to grow and learn, who understands their strengths, and who can identify where they can develop their skills to take their career to new levels. Is that you?

If you want to join our team and work in a place that values your meaningful contributions in a truly collaborative, challenging and exciting environment, and you are the type of person that does what it takes to source the types of information that will move a company forward, we want to hear from you.

Next Step

Please send us a CV along with an example of where you had to dig deep to uncover the real source of a problem, working hard to discount the noise to deliver a meaningful positive change.

Apply now

Job title: Business Intelligence Analyst 

Location: Plymouth