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Learn how to kick start an effective microlearning strategy that improves employee performance. Understand the fundamentals of microlearning, convince key stakeholders and achieve transformational results with this comprehensive guide.

Ingraining knowledge deep enough to change behaviour

Where results matter most, bite size learning delivers big impact.

Through short daily learning moments, your people remember what they need to know so they perform at their best. Using our intelligent microlearning and expertly-designed content, it’s possible to target specific performance objectives and achieve dramatic results.

Why microlearning works

Microlearning maximises the limited time your employees have for learning to drive up performance and change behaviour.

The average employee can spend just 1% percent of the working week on learning. 

Even when they find the time, most people forget around 90% of what they learn within seven days.

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Microlearning is based on proven scientific principles about how we learn and retain knowledge. 

Working with our brains, adaptive microlearning breaks learning into small, digestible daily chunks over time, so learning is easier to absorb, understand and apply.

It’s combining human nature with the latest technology to deeply ingrain knowledge and change behaviour.

Microlearning with Sponge

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More than 90% of businesses already using microlearning plan to do more of it.

Talk to us about how to apply microlearning to meet your toughest business challenges.

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At Sponge, we use the Axonify Microlearning Platform to tie learning directly to business objectives to generate measurable results.

Using artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, our microlearning solutions adapt to provide learning that is personalised for each individual employee and focused on their unique requirements.

Bite-sized content is delivered to your people in short, daily learning bursts of three to five minutes. 

Analytics measure impact on the bottom line, so it’s easy to track and prove learning impact.

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